Eisenring Engineering

Eisenring Engineering offers the following

  • Consulting
  • Services
  • Studies
  • Project management
  • Designs, Inspections and Construction and Design Review
  • International and National Assignments

Eisenring Engineering provides consultation and services in the following areas

  • Small Hydropower
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Photovoltaic Plants
  • Renewable Energy


  • Long-term experience as independent consultant and as project manager, engaged personality, experience in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Multiple know-how, vast project experience and a large net of connections. One of the main objectives is to work project – oriented and to scope with the demand of the people engaged in the project and with the demands of the project.
  • The organisation of the engineering office is intentionally kept lean. This results in very flexible employment possibilities, a fast and non – bureaucratic action and an efficient working practice with accordingly small cost.
  • The collaboration with specialised organisations, institutions and companies results in a wide employment range, a large and professional project deployment and a competent organisation. Thus attractive conditions and a wide scope of work is created.


  • Project management, energy, environment, traffic
  • Small hydro plants, electric vehicles, photovoltaic plants, renewable energy
  • Cost effective and ecologically sound solutions
  • Employment of easy, modern, safe and appropriate technology.

Short Portrait:

  • Education as mechanical engineer HTL, born 1947
  • Several years working experience abroad, in different countries in Asia and Africa, in development aid projects and as independent consultant
  • Experienced project leader and in project management
  • Languages: German, English, French
  • Huge engagement and team player, high motivation and independent working ability, initiative personality, experience in personal management, used to high work load and ability to work under difficult working conditions, interested and used to work in different cultures and with different peoples.

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