Advanced Battery Project

 In summer 2010 we equipped Stromboli II with Lithium batteries (LiFePO4).
We would like to equip Stromboli II with even more advanced batteries.
batteriekasten_28.11.07  + stromb311
Lithium battery pack and advanced
management Sytem management system
The Stromboli ultra light 4-seat car
with only 550 kg weight (without batteries)
Performance with Lithium batteries (LiFePO4)
< 100 Wh per km
(equivalent < 1 Lt petrol per 100 km) > 250 km per battery charge
> 750’000 km per set of batteries
→ suitable for daily use
planning for 1’000 km per battery charge
Short description of the Project:
First evidence of 4-seater zero-emission vehicle with every-day usage road performance
  • Providing first-time evidence that 4 to 5-seater ultra light vehicles with new type of batteries are able to cover a big distance at high speed and are suitable for every-day usage.
  • To this advanced batteries with a specially adapted battery management system will be fitted into the Stromboli II vehicle, thus testing the batteries for every day’s usage.
  • The results are to be brought out to the public with mention of the partners involved.
  • The motivation for series production is to be enhanced and the engineering know-how to be made available under remuneration of expenses.
Up to now pure electric vehicles have failed due to their limited usability or the high operating costs. Conventional batteries have a relatively small energy content and are large and heavy. This limits the range, the performance and the possible number of passenger. Conventional batteries are quickly overloaded and require frequent replacement, which results in high operating costs. The long charging time needed also constitutes a limiting factor. In general the public has hardly been aware of how little energy advanced electrically driven vehicles require. Some years ago the company Stromboli AG developed the high-tech electrical vehicle Stromboli II. Today the operational prototype worldwide counts as the best vehicle of its kind. Unfortunately, at the time of construction, the right batteries, by which the excellent properties of the vehicle could be fully brought out, were not available or only at a prohibitive price.
High–tech electrical vehicle with new type of battery system
For the electric vehicle Stromboli II, which is licensed for road performance, we intend to change over from standard Lithium batteries to a new type of battery technique, which will ultimately prove the feasibility of electrically driven motoring. The application of these batteries in our vehicle will render needless the new but complex types of drive systems, such as for example hybrid drives with combustion engines for small vehicles.
Nowadays the new types of batteries have the right technical characteristics. With equal weight these batteries achieve a many times longer operating range and the guaranteed number of loading and unloading cycles of 3’000 result in a battery lifetime which by far exceeds the actual operating life of the vehicles. These batteries demonstrate the outstanding potentialities of the ultra light Stromboli II vehicle. An energy consumption of barely 10 kWh for 100 km is feasable. Converted to petrol (gas), this is equivalent to less than 1 litre for 100 km. The batteries are suitable for quick charging, per minute of charging 50 km can be driven. The major setbacks which have up to now inhibited a breakthrough of electrical vehicles, are now eliminated.
Planned performance figures realistic with Stromboli II are:
  • Operating range of up more than 1’000 km with one battery charge
  • More than 750’000 km with one set of batteries
  • Maximum speed 130 km/h
  • Charging in 10 minutes
  • 4 to 5 seats
  • Extremely low energy consumption of < 100 Wh/km
The STROMBOLI II vehicle is unequalled. It is able to achieve such performances since its weight without batteries is a mere 550 kg. Also it has an attractive appearance and is excellent in every-day use. It has an outstanding cw- value and road performance in combination with its safety and stability features.
Presently we are seeking partners who are willing to participate in the financing of this project, so as to grant a speedy and appropriate realisation of our ideas of fitting and testing even mare advanced batteries. We would welcome one or several partners for the purchase of the (presently still) expensive batteries, for the designing of the necessary battery management system and manufacturing and testing of the system. We shall be glad to compensate with:
  • Record-breaking runs and participation at exhibitions of electrical vehicles with large-letter display of the partners’ names
  • Media conference and media performance (public and technical media) with reference to the financing
  • Participation at events which have been organised or sponsored by the cooperating partners
  • Permission for free use of illustrative material and results for PR purposes by the partners involved
For information and details we are gladly at your disposal and we shall accept offers for participation in this project by the contact form.